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Graduate Programs


Not all courses are offered every year. For current course offersings see below. To search all U of S graduate course offerings consult the University Course Calendar.

PHIL 808.3 – Topics in Greek and Roman Philosophy 1/2(3S)
PHIL 813.3 – Topics in 17th- and 18th-Century Philosophy 1/2(3S)
PHIL 814.3 – Kant 1/2(3S) 
PHIL 815.3 – Topics in 19th-Century Philosophy 1/2(3S)
PHIL 816.3 – Topics in Contemporary European Philosophy 1/2(3S)
PHIL 817.3 – Topics in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy 1/2(3S)
PHIL 818.3 – Topics in Contemporary American Pragmatism 1/2(3S)
PHIL 819.3 – Wittgenstein 1/2(3S)
PHIL 820.3 – Philosophical Texts 1/2(3S) 
PHIL 826.3 – Seminar in Philosophy of Mind 1/2(3S)
PHIL 833.3 – Seminar in Ethics 1/2(3S)
PHIL 842.3 – Topics in Philosophical Logic 1/2(3S)
PHIL 844.3 – Seminar in Epistemology 1/2(3S)
PHIL 845.3 – Seminar in Metaphysics 1/2(3S)
PHIL 846.3 – Seminar in the Philosophy of Language 1/2(3S)
PHIL 851.3 – Seminar in the Philosophy of Science 1/2(3S)
PHIL 862.3 – Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy 1/2(3S)
PHIL 871.3 – Seminar in Aesthetics 1/2(3S)

PHIL 990 Seminar
This seminar meets every two weeks throughout both terms of the regular academic year. Under the direction of a faculty member of the department, graduate students study current literature on selected topics and also present papers on their research projects. All graduate students in Philosophy are required to attend this seminar throughout their program and are expected to present at least one paper to the seminar every year. 

PHIL 994 Research
All Masters students taking the thesis-based option must register for this course in every term.

Maintenance of Status
All Masters' students taking the course-based option must register for "Maintenance of Status" for every term in which they are not registered in a course for credit.

GSR 960 Introduction to Ethics and Integrity
All graduate students are required to register for this short online course upon commencing their programs. The purpose of this course is to discuss ethical issues that graduate students may face during their time at the university. The five modules in GSR 960 look at general issues for graduate students including integrity and scholarship, graduate student–supervisor relationships, conflict of interest, conflict resolution, and intellectual property and credit.


Graduate Courses for 2014-2015

Term 1

PHIL 844 – Epistemology

MWF, 11:30 - 12:20, Arts 607
Robert Hudson

PHIL 814 – Kant

TR 2:30 – 3:50, St. Thomas More College Room 2002
Daniel Regnier

GSR 960 – Introduction to Ethics and Integrity

All first year graduate students are required to complete this online course


Term 2

PHIL 826 – Seminar in Philosophy of Mind

MW, 10:00 - 11:20, Arts 607
Peter Alward

PHIL 862 – Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy.

MW, 2:30 - 3:50, Arts 214
Ria Jenkins

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