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Graduate Programs

Recent M.A. Theses

Ahmad Ghadyani.
The Specter of Relativism: A Critique Of Rosalind Hursthouse's On Virtue Ethics (2016). Supervisor: Daniel Regnier.

Marzieh Eskandari. Reasoning from a Tradition-Constituted Ground: MacIntyre's Criticisms of Liberalism (2016). Supervisor: Ria Jenkins.

Ryan Meneses. Metaphilosophy: An Inquiry Concerning the Nature of Philosophy (2015). Supervisor: Rob Hudson

Will Robbins. Science Fiction is Good for You Too: A Reply to Martha Nussbaum's Theory of Literary Engagement (2015) Supervisor: Emer O'Hagan

Brandon Murray. Disjunctivism, Causality and the Objects of Perceptual Experience (2014). Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Wenona Partridge. What’s Form Got to Do with It? A Discussion Of The Role Played By Form In Our Experience Of Art, Viewed Through The Lens Of Modernist Formalism And Conceptual Art (2014). Supervisor: Daniel Regnier.

Tom Milne. Hegel and Human Rights: The Dialectic of Freedom (2011). Supervisor: Daniel Regnier

Jeremy SkrzypekOn Defending a Hylomorphic Account of Personal Identity (2011) . Supervisor: Carl Still

Corey Sawkins. The Other Side of the Dark Side: Underdetermination and Unconceived Alternatives in Science (2010). Supervisor: Rob Hudson

Ian MacDonald. Why the Ascriber Contextualist Solution to the Sceptical Paradox is Unnecessary (2010). Supervisor: Eric Dayton

Jennifer Primmer. Contra Chalmers: On Consciousness and Conceivability (2010) . Supervisor: Sarah Hoffman

Eric Thorne. Contra Hick: Epistemology of Faith and Belief (2010) . Supervisor: Carl Still

Adam Sopuck. Transcendental Idealism and Direct Realism in Kant (2009). Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Jeff Sabine. Is Music File Sharing Immoral? A Scalar Utilitarian Account (2009). Supervisor: Rob Hudson

Mark Grover. A Theory of Unified Online Identity (2009). Supervisor: Emer O'Hagan

Rachel Loewen Walker. Becoming Queer: From Rhetoric to Rhizomes and Toward an Ethics of Accountability (2008). Supervisor: Leslie Howe

Aaron Warr. Nietzsche on Truth (2008). Supervisor: Eric Dayton

Mark Niemi. The Picture of a Paradox: Rule-Following after Wittgenstein and Beyond (2008)..Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Diana Heney. On Belief: A Peircean Account (2008). Supervisor: Eric Dayton

Kristin Rodier. Biologism and Simone de Beauvoir: A Phenomenological Re-reading of “The Givens of Biology” (2007). Supervisor: Leslie Howe

Md. Nuruzzaman. Observability and Scientific Realism (2006). Supervisor: Robert Hudson

Vanessa Streisel. Searle's Theory of Intentionality: Providing the Foundation for a Naturalized Theory of Consciousness (2005). Supervisor: Karl Pfeifer

Paul Ross. The Background of Searle’s “Background”: Motives, Anticipations, and Problems (2005).Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Gillian Snider. In Defense of Music's Eternal Nature: On the Pre-eminence of Musica theorica over Musica practica (2005). Supervisor: Eric Dayton

Daniel Sem. Preemption Against Terror: Just War Pacifist Approach (2004). Supervisor: David Crossley

Serife Tekin. Nietzsche and Wittgenstein: An Anti-Metaphysical Approach to Existential Meaning (2004). Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Uchenna Osigwe. The Environment and Natural Rights (2004). Supervisor: Leslie Howe

Rana Ahmad. Value-Laden Risk Assessment and its Effects on the Regulation of Biotechnology in Canada (2003). Supervisor: Eric Dayton

Gladys Neufeld. Becoming Divine: Authentic Human Being (2003). Supervisor: Carl Still

Stefan Iancu. Queer Ethics: The Case Against Gender (2003). Supervisor: Leslie Howe

Margaret-Ann Kindrachuk. Knowledge and Belief in Plato's Theatetus (2003). Supervisor: David Crossley

Kenneth Chung. Identity and Modality (2002). Supervisor: Karl Pfeifer

Fred Guerin. The Essential Hermeneutic Tension: An Interpretation of Jürgen Habermas' Between Facts and Norms (2001). Supervisor: David Crossley

James Connolly. Normativity and Method in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations (2001). Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Tim Christie. Defence of Common Sense Morality: in Support of Agent-Centred Restrictions Within Scheffler's Hybrid Consequentialism (2000). Supervisor: T.Y. Henderson

Wayne Turner. The Spindle of Necessity: Hannah Arendt's Critique of Plato's Political Philosophy (2000). Supervisor: Kevin Corrigan

Gregory Janzen. Narrow Representationalism as Externalism (2000). Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Kevin Buzinski. From Logical Form to Form of Life: Pursuing Linguistic Meaningfulness (1998). Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Ramsey McNabb. Induction, Projection, and Meaning (1998). Supervisor: Phil Dwyer

Warren Rutherford. 'Is That Your Kid? Where's Your Licence?': A Philosophical Perspective on the Right to Procreate (1998). Supervisor: David Crossley


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