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Regular Faculty

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* indicates members of the College of Graduate Studies & Research

Peter Alward Peter Alward * (Professor and Department Head)
(306) 966-6384  peter.alward@usask.ca
Philosophy of language, philosophy of art, metaphysics, philosophy of mind
Susan Dieleman Susan Dieleman (Assistant Professor, Term)
(306) 966-7236  susan.dieleman@usask.ca | web site
Social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, pragmatism
Sarah Hoffman Sarah Hoffman * (Associate Professor)
(306) 966-6624   sarah.hoffman@usask.ca | web site
Philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, philosophy of sexuality, feminism, philosophy of logic
Leslie Howe Leslie A. Howe * (Professor and Undergraduate Chair) 
(306) 966-6387   l.a.howe@usask.ca
Kierkegaard, philosophy of sport, social philosophy, metaphysics
Robert Hudson Robert Hudson * (Professor and Graduate Chair)
(306) 966-6371   r.hudson@usask.ca
History, philosophy and social studies of science, epistemology
Ria Jenkins Ria Jenkins (Assistant Professor, STM) * 
(306) 966-8937  rjenkins@stmcollege.ca

John Liptay John Liptay (Assistant Professor, STM) * 
(306) 966-8945  jliptay@stmcollege.ca
Dwayne Moore Dwayne Moore (Assistant Professor, Term)
(306) 966-1667  dwayne.moore@usask.ca
Philosophy of mind, analytic philosophy
Pierre-Francois Noppen Pierre-François Noppen (Lecturer, STM)
(306) 966-8951  pnoppen@stmcollege.ca
Emer O'Hagan Emer O'Hagan * (Associate Professor) 
(306) 966-5634   emer.ohagan@usask.ca
Ethical theory, practical reason, history of ethics
Daniel Regnier Daniel Regnier * (Associate Professor and STM Department Head)
(306) 966-8044  dregnier@stmcollege.ca
Carl Still Carl Still * (Associate Professor and Dean, STM)  
(306) 966-8950  cstill@stmcollege.ca

Sessional Faculty

William Buschert William Buschert
(306) 966-6955   will.buschert@usask.ca | web site
Social and political philosophy, philosophy of technology, applied and professional ethics, aesthetics
Mary Louise Day

Mary Louise Day
(306) 966-6867
Critical thinking, environmental philosophy, metaphysical reconstruction--the interface of ethics and epistemology.

Anthony Jenkins Anthony Jenkins
(306) 966-8084  ajenkins@stmcollege.ca
Michael Poellet Michael Poellet
(306) 966-8907  mpoellet@stmcollege.ca
Derek Postnikoff Derek Postnikoff
(306) 966-6867 derek.postnikoff@usask.ca
Philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of metaphor, mathematical cognition and development, mathematics education, aperiodic order
Bryan Wiebe Bryan Wiebe
(306) 966-8994  bwiebe@stmcollege.ca | web site
Brian Zamulinski Brian Zamulinski  (Adjunct Professor) *
brian.zamulinski@usask.ca | web site
Ethics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of law

Professional Affiliate

Rhonda Anderson Rhonda Anderson *
Sessional Faculty, Department of English
Professional Affiliate, Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of language, philosophy of literature

Other Faculty

Abraham Akkerman Abraham Akkerman * (Associate member)  
Professor, Department of Geography
History and philosophy of geography, architectural aesthetics
David Crossley David Crossley * (Professor Emeritus)
Social and political philosophy, 19th Century philosophy, Bradley
Eric Dayton Eric Dayton * (Professor Emeritus)
eric.dayton@usask.ca | web site
Epistemology, moral theory, pragmatism, Wittgenstein, C.I. Lewis
Phil Dwyer Phil Dwyer * (Adjunct Professor)
Wittgenstein, Kant, Sartre, Strawson, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language
TY Henderson T.Y. Henderson * (Adjunct Professor)  
Ethics, philosophy of religion
Karl Pfeifer Karl Pfeifer * (Professor Emeritus)
karl.pfeifer@usask.ca | web site
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, action theory, philosophical logic
Karl Pfeifer Michael Pomedli * (Professor Emeritus, STM)
Native philosophy, biomedical ethics, phenomenology

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