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Dr. Eric Dayton

Dr. Eric Dayton

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Western Ontario

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Recent Courses

PHIL 140 Critical Thinking
PHIL 233 Ethical Theory
PHIL 251 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 271 Aesthetics
PHIL 281 Theory of Knowledge

Advanced seminar topics have included:

Metaethics; Topics Analytic Philosophy; Kant; Naturalized epistemology; Metaphysics; Freedom, Action and Norms; C.I. Lewis; Pragmatism; Kant, Wittgenstein and Modernity


Argumentation theory, Logic and Critical Thinking
Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
Moral theory and education

People, Isms, Periods
Pragmatism, Logical Empiricism
C.I. Lewis
Wilfrid Sellars

Selected Publications

Critical Thinking, Logic and Argument
, Pearson Education Canada, (March, 2009)

"On the Permanent Immaturity of Art: Aesthetic Modernism with Apologies to Kant", Æ: Canadian Journal of Aesthetics, Volume 14, Summer 2008

With William Buschert, (invited editors), Greenberg, Kant and Contemporary Aesthetics, Æ: Canadian Journal of Aesthetics, Volume 14, Summer 2008

"Murphey on Lewis's Ethics", invited contribution to symposium in honour of Murray Murphey and his intellectual biography of C.I. Lewis, Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Vol, 42, No 1 Winter, 2006

"Could it Be Worth Thinking about Descartes on Whether Animals Have Beliefs?" History of Philosophy Quarterly. Vol 21, No 1, 2004

“On Aesthetic Value and the Ethical,”The Structurist, No 41/42, Nov. 2002

"C.I. Lewis," The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2002 (26 pp.)

"C. I. Lewis and the Given," Transaction of the Charles S. Peirce Society: A Quarterly Journal in American Philosophy. Spring 1995, Vol. XXXI, No. 2, 254-285.

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