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Graduate Students


Stephen Bagwell
Stephen holds a philosophy BA from the University of Saskatchewan and is writing his thesis on Hannah Arendt and the distinction between bios and zoe. Supervisor: Daniel Regnier.

Marzieh Eskandari  marzie.eskandari@gmail.com
Marzieh holds a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Philosophy of Science from Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran; she entered the program in Jan. 2013. Marzieh is interested in issues of knowledge and objectivity in the context of later Wittgenstein.

Ferdinand Gemoh
Ferdinand studied philosophy at the Claretian Institute of Philosophy (CIP), an affiliate of Nigeria’s University of Port Harcourt and Urban University Rome.  His plan is to study Peter Singer’s ethics vis-à-vis John Paul II’s Thomistic Personalism, and re-instate love at the centre of Peter Singer’s ethics.

Ahmad Ghadyani
Ahmad holds a  BSc and MSc in civil engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology. Due to self-studying philosophy I became interested in existentialism and later Wittgenstein. As a graduate student at the U of S, I am working on the implications of existentialism and Wittgenstein's later philosophy for ethics. I am also interested in literature, especially Persian poetry.

Jules Hamara  jeh032@mail.usask.ca
Jules holds a philosophy BA from Concordia University and entered the program in Sept. 2012. Jules is interested in the philosophy of language.

Lyndsay Helfrich
Lyndsay recently completed her undergraduate degree in Philosophy (with a minor in History) from Thompson Rivers University, and hopes to investigate how music can offer aboriginal youth a way to remain connected with indigenous culture, while still being engaged with modern society.

Shane Hickey seh629@mail.usask.ca
Shane hails from St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, where he completed a BA with a joint major in Philosophy and History. For his thesis project Shane intends to contrast the views of Aquinas and Descartes as a starting point for developing an account of the connexion between body and soul, and to work out the implications of such an account for morality. Shane is also interested in Aquinas on natural law. 

Andries Joubert
Andries holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Calgary and is entering the program in September 2015.  Andries has an interest in ‘fundamental’ issues of epistemology and metaphysics especially as they appear in the history of philosophy, specifically, the debate between materialism and idealism.

Ryan Meneses
Ryan Meneses completed his BA in Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan and, as of 2013, is working towards completing his MA in Philosophy. He is interested in ideas centered on the importance of Philosophy in Education, and the effects of education on personal identity. 

Kathryn Rutherford  kar948@mail.usask.ca
Kati is interested in researching the relationship between faith and reason in Kierkegaard. In particular, she hopes to address the question of what exactly it is that Kierkegaard is rejecting through his Fideist assertions and why, as well as whether there is a role for reason in faith according to Kierkegaard and, if so, what this role might be. Supervisor: Leslie Howe.

Derek Sutherland  dereks_suth@yahoo.ca
Derek will be working through a thesis inspired by some thoughts on language and knowledge from Michel Foucault. Specifically, the thesis will be considering technology, contemporary capitalism, and environmentalism, and how deconstruction and examination of these manifestations may impede or facilitate an understanding of humanity’s place in Nature.

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