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Regular Faculty

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* indicates members of the College of Graduate Studies & Research

Peter Alward Peter Alward *  (Department Head)
Philosophy of language, philosophy of art, metaphysics, philosophy of mind
William Buschert William Buschert *  
(306) 966-6955   will.buschert@usask.ca | web site
Social and political philosophy, philosophy of technology, ethics, aesthetics
Eric Dayton Eric Dayton *  
(306) 966-6386   eric.dayton@usask.ca | web site
Epistemology, moral theory, pragmatism, Wittgenstein, C.I. Lewis
Erin DeLathouwer Erin DeLathouwer
(306) 966-1667  e.delathouwer@usask.ca
Communities of inquiry, philosophy of education, pragmatism, epistemology
Sarah Hoffman Sarah Hoffman
(306) 966-6624   sarah.hoffman@usask.ca | web site
Philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, philosophy of sexuality, feminism, philosophy of logic
Leslie Howe Leslie A. Howe *  
(306) 966-6387   l.a.howe@usask.ca
Kierkegaard, feminist and social philosophy, 18th and 19th Century philosophy, moral psychology
Robert Hudson Robert Hudson *  
(306) 966-6371   r.hudson@usask.ca
History, philosophy and social studies of science, epistemology
Emer O'Hagan Emer O'Hagan *  
(306) 966-5634   emer.ohagan@usask.ca
Ethical theory, practical reason, history of ethics

Sessional Faculty

Mary Louise Day

Mary Louise Day
(306) 966-6867
Critical thinking, environmental philosophy, metaphysical reconstruction--the interface of ethics and epistemology.

George Williamson Geordie McComb 
geordie.mccomb@usask.ca | web site
Epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of literature
Derek Postnikoff Derek Postnikoff 
Philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of metaphor, mathematical cognition and development, mathematics education, aperiodic order
George Williamson George Williamson 
(306) 966-6867   george.williamson@usask.ca
Contemporary continental, poststructuralism, phenomenology and existentialism
Brian Zamulinski Brian Zamulinski 
brian.zamulinski@usask.ca | web site
Ethics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of law

Professional Affiliate

Rhonda Anderson Rhonda Anderson *
Sessional Faculty, Department of English
Professional Affiliate, Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of language, philosophy of literature

Other Faculty

Abraham Akkerman Abraham Akkerman * (Associate member)  
Professor, Department of Geography
History and philosophy of geography, architectural aesthetics
David Crossley David Crossley * (Professor Emeritus)
Social and political philosophy, 19th Century philosophy, Bradley
Phil Dwyer Phil Dwyer * (Adjunct Professor)
Wittgenstein, Kant, Sartre, Strawson, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language
TY Henderson T.Y. Henderson * (Adjunct Professor)  
Ethics, philosophy of religion
Karl Pfeifer Karl Pfeifer * (Professor Emeritus)
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, action theory, philosophical logic

Faculty at St. Thomas More College

Anthony Jenkins Anthony Jenkins (Sessional Lecturer)
(306) 966-8084  ajenkins@stmcollege.ca
Ria Jenkins Ria Jenkins (Assistant Professor) * 
(306) 966-8937  rjenkins@stmcollege.ca

John Liptay John Liptay (Assistant Professor) * 
(306) 966-8945  jliptay@stmcollege.ca
Pierre-Francois Noppen Pierre-François Noppen (Lecturer)
(306) 966-8951  pnoppen@stmcollege.ca
Jordan Olver Jordan Olver (Term Instructor)
(306) 966-8048  jolver@stmcollege.ca 
Michael Poellet Michael Poellet (Sessional Lecturer)
(306) 966-8907  mpoellet@stmcollege.ca
Daniel Regnier Daniel Regnier (Associate Professor and Department Head) * 
(306) 966-8044  dregnier@stmcollege.ca
Carl Still Carl Still  (Associate Professor and Dean) * 
(306) 966-8950  cstill@stmcollege.ca
Bryan Wiebe Bryan Wiebe (Sessional Lecturer)
(306) 966-8994  bwiebe@stmcollege.ca | web site

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