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Dr. Dwayne Moore

Dr. Dwayne Moore

Assistant Professor (with term)
Ph.D. (Guelph-Laurier-McMaster), Post-Doc. (Toronto)

(306) 966-1667

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Dwayne Moore received his MA from the University of Waterloo, his Ph.D. through the Guelph-Laurier-McMaster Program, and completed a SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Toronto. His research specialization lies within the contemporary analytic philosophy of mind, but has also published in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science and the history of philosophy. He recently published a book entitled The Causal Exclusion Problem.

Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Mind; Analytic Philosophy

Areas of Competence

Metaphysics; Epistemology; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Religion; Ancient Philosophy.

Recent and Selected Publications

Moore, D. (Forthcoming) “Explanatory Exclusion and Mental Explanation”, Philosophical

Moore, D. (Forthcoming), “Supervenient Emergentism and Mereological Emergentism”,

Moore, D. & Campbell, N. (Forthcoming), “On the Metaphysics of Mental Causation”,

Moore, D. (2015). “Mereological Essentialism and Mereological Inessentialism”, Croatian
Journal of Philosophy, 15, 43, 67-85.

Moore, D. (2014), The Causal Exclusion Problem, (Peter Lang Publishing: New York).

Moore, D. (2014), “On the Constitutive Property Reply”, Theoria, 80, 1, 4-25.

Moore, D. (2013), “Counterfactuals, Autonomy and Downward Causation”, Philosophia, 41,

Moore, D. (2012), “A Nonreductive Model of Component Forces and Resultant Force”,
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 26, 4, 359-380.

Moore, D. (2012), “Physical-Effect Epiphenomenalism and Common Underlying Causes”,
Dialogue, 51, 3, 397-418.

Moore, D. (2012), “Causal Exclusion and Dependent Overdetermination”, Erkenntnis, 76, 3,

Moore, D. (2010), “The Generalization Problem and the Identity Solution”, Erkenntnis, 72, 1,

Campbell, N., and Moore, D. (2009), “On Kim’s Exclusion Principle”, Synthese, 169, 75-90.

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