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Dr. Karl Pfeifer

Dr. Karl Pfeifer

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (Calgary)

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy,
School of Philosophical, Historical, & International Studies
Monash University

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Recent Courses

PHIL 110 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 120 Knowledge, Mind, and Existence
PHIL 133 Intro to Ethics and Values
PHIL 202 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 243 Symbolic Logic II
PHIL 285 Philosophy of Mind

Advanced seminar topics have included:

  • Logic, Ontology, and Epistemology
  • Metaphysics of Events
  • Philosophy of Laughter and Humor
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • McGinn’s Logical Properties
  • Philosophy of Time
  • Supererogation
  • Action Theory and Intentionality
  • Emotions
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Theories of Mind
  • Prettejohn’s Beauty and Art, Goodman’s Languages of Art, and Morreall’s Comic Relief

Current Research

  1. I am working on philosophical and psychological theories of laughter and humor, where I am examining the views of some nineteenth-century German writers and their anticipation of certain contemporary developments. I am interested in the concept of amusement and its role in theories of laughter and humor as well. References to much of my published work on laughter can be found in this recent article [pdf, 175 kb].

  2. I am also looking at some arguments pertaining to the “unity of time” that involve the sorts of thought-experiments first put forth by Anthony Quinton and Richard Swinburne in the 1960’s. I intend to have the last word on this matter.  :)

  3. After a long hiatus, my interest in moral supererogation has recently been rekindled; I hope to have something new to say about it soon.

  4. My doctoral thesis and a subsequent book were on actions and events. I have some residual issues on the back burner that I return to from time to time.


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