Aug'95 MEMO

TO: MLTCS Colleagues

FROM: Alan Manson

TOPIC: News from IUGG

The IAGA/IAMAS sessions, and other meetings (SCOSTEP, STEP Steering Committee, MLTCS), were very productive. Here are some highlights:

1. From SCOSTEP. Planning for post-STEP activities proceeds well. The S-RAMP (results, applications, model program, 1998-2002) steering committee will begin work this fall. The value of S-RAMP will depend upon observations/campaigns made throughout STEP (up to 1997), so we should ensure those continue within MLTCS. There is also good progress toward the official (IAGA, IAMAS-ICSU) acceptance of PSMOS (Shepherd and Fukunishi) and EATVIP (Fukao et al). You received the initial PSMOS proposal; and the latter (while mainly equatorial), will also involve processes which link the tropical and higher latitudes.

The STEP International (Newsletter) will not continue in its present form, although the B-B will (un-monitored by STEP-USSCO however). We hope to have news, in a few months, of a WWW/Hard Copy replacement for both. In the meantime, we will send out e- mails, and use our U of Sask. WWW/home page. [].

2. Jan. 1993, 10d, MLTCS Campaign. Working Groups are very active after CEDAR. Contact Cassandra Fesen (e-mail if you are not involved yet, for the CEDAR updates.

3. Sept. 1993 event. Contact Chris Meek [meek@SKISAS.USASK.CA] if you wish involvement. We had discussions with Maura Hagan and Jeff Forbes regarding modelling; and Mark Burrage/Charles McLandress, William Ward for HRDI/WINDII collaborations.

4. The annual MLTCS campaigns (Soltices, Equinoxes of 1994, 1995): focus Planetary waves. Saskatoon running spectral analyses reveal many interesting events, that may warrant global study if they are sufficeiently extended in time and space.

     1994 August/Sept. (d218-252)  4-6 d (mainly NS)

          Sept/October (d254-286)  6,10,16 d (intermittant, EW)

     1994/5 Nov - Jan. (d324-15)   10-16 d (3 EW events)
            March-Apr. (d60-102)   16 d (2 strong EW events)
            April      (d106-122)  6 d (strong EW)

Please search your own running spectra and tell Chris and I of your events. If the above look useful "globally" we would proceed in our normal PW-study fashion ie. send wind (or absorption, intensity, temperature) time series near 95 km (hourly time series, several heights 90-100 km, in some ascii format) to Chris. The 1993-95 6 d events could be incorporated into a single paper (the '93 event was non-stationary/non-monochromatic). The 10, 16 d events could also be worthy of a follow-up to the recent Forbes et al study.

Activities like this will be valuable preparation for the more comprehensive dynamics/aeronomy campaigns possible during PSMOS.

5. Observational campaigns with the GSWM of Maura Hagan: it is desired to involve radars with substantial data sets, so several months from several years can be compared with the model (12 24h). Find the latter at [~ftp/pub/hagan/mig] and/or contact Maura [].

6. CADITS/MLTCS is Oct. 23-27, 1995

7. International meetings: Cospar at Birmingham July 1996 IAGA/ICMA/ISTP Symposium at Uppsala July/Aug 1997

The latter becomes an effective STEP conclusion, and the beginning of S-RAMP etc.

Things look good!


Alan Manson