FROM: Alan Manson

I have been asked by STEP-SENDAI to give a paper (25 min), in June; and I have decided (obviously) to present the latest activities of our MLTCS/LTCS community. That would include: - Some results from the Washington 1992 meeting (and JATP papers that followed) -- I have --

- Some updates of the above work -- I have --

- Results from 1992/93 activity, including the use of MLT and IS radar data from LTCS-2/MLTCS-2 and MLTCS-1 to 3, and modelling. Some results of these collaborations were presented at the AGU 1993. -- I do not have any final results --

One of the main purposes of SENDAI is to show the fruitful results of these project collaborations, and I believe we have succeeded well. Would you please send a copy of your most recent work on the above (preprints, reports, brief notes) with figures I can turn into overheads? Any publication would involve us all in a brief "family paper". SENDAI will need an abstract from me fairly early in 1994, so I would appreciate the above in a week or so (January).

Thank you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Alan Manson