MEMO Jun'93

June 1993 news for MLT network of MLTCS

1) The listing of stations and MLTCS studies has just been updated (appendix A and B) in the bulletin board. Please check and inform us of errors.

2) Please be active in the studies for 1993/94: "Sendai" is not long, where new results could be shown.

3) There are two good campaigns in July, August, so if you can operate then, global comparisons are possible.

.a) For the July 13-22 MLTCS 10d, Shigaraki MU radar will operate in turbulent and meteor mode for 2-d PW/GW studies (plus FPI system).

.b) For July 15 - August 7; ANLC-93 will take place in Canada (3 MF radar prairie array) and the Arctic. GW studies are emphasized (Chet Gardner, NCAR Lidar etc. etc. will be active in the area). Good data elsewhere could be globally useful.