March'95 News

TO: MLTCS Colleagues

FROM: Alan Manson

TOPIC: 1995 Events

1) The January 10d 1993 campaign analysis. This CEDAR/MLTCS event, organized by Casandra Fesen and Roberta Johnson, was most successful. Several Working Groups have been formed eg Gravity Waves, Disturbances, Electrodynamics, High Latitude Neutral Structure

2) The Planetary Wave campaigns. After the first successful 2d wave study, a 6d wave event (Aug 1993) is now being pursued. If you have data for this interval and wish to be involved contact Chris Meek at Saskatoon ( )

3) PSMOS - Planetary Scale Mesopause Observing System. This proposal to SCOSTEP,prepared by Gordon Shepherd and H. Fukunishi, for post-STEP activity was presented to you for response. The return of "forms" was good (given the slow response of our overworked community) from radar (Meteor, MF, ISR), optical, radio absorption systems. We hope your data collected Nov 25 - Dec 05 were of good quality.

4) IAGA/IAMAP Boulder July 1995: we have been assigned a meeting room on Thursday July 13,(6/7 - 9/10 pm) in the middle of GA 2.01 "Upper Atmosphere structure, dynamics and electrodynamics" (this is the MLTCS-related one). Topics for the meeting would include updates on the Jan 10d campaign, 6d Planetary-wave study, PSMOS news. Please try to attend.

5) We are now going to largely eliminate normal "mailings". The e-mail list is enclosed for all we can find - please check this and update it for us. If e-mails are not possible for you ie we do not reliably communicate, please ask for a regular mailing.

As usual MLTCS notices also go to the STEP B-B.

We will also put updates of events (each month any way)in the World Wide Web. The URL is: We are in the process of converting the main documents into hypertext for the World Wide Web, which may not be completed by the time you receive this newsletter. Please try it and see what is there.

6) Please circulate the new ISAS Professorial Position.

7) My address has been changed - if not used delivery will be very slow:

		Dr. Alan Manson
		University of Saskatchewan
		116 Science Place
		Saskatoon, SK.  S7N 5E2
	FAX/voice:   1-306-966-6449
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Alan Manson