September'93 M E M O




1. MLTCS Research. The splitting of IAMAP, IAGA this year has made it difficult to meet with everyone. However excellent work is being done as reported there, and at URSI. Also the CEDAR-LTCS work flourishes. Thanks to all those providing data for MLTCS-1 to 3 (Roberta Johnson, Casandra Fesen are working on these).

The special issue of JATP (1992 COSPAR) is complete and will be published soon. Thanks to all those active in that enterprise.

The next major opportunity for MLTCS research/papers/meetings will be at SENDAI, Japan next year (June 5-10). Special working group/ project group meetings are planned before or after the symposium, to allow interactions within and between projects eg MLTCS, CADRE, CADITS.

1b. NEW CAMPAIGN DATA. It would be most useful if you could send in MLTCS-4 (Jul 30 - Aug 5, 1992), and MLTCS-5 (Jan 20-30, 1993) data. This will be used soon for CEDAR/LTCS - STEP/MLTCS studies. As usual, tidal fits (mean, 12, 24 and 48 if that is large) for the interval are needed, and any other fits (eg the month or nearby days to indicate local variability. A "wind" spectra would always be nice to show PW activity etc.

2. CAMPAIGNS - 10 day plus MLTCS 1994. Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec. The actual dates follow later as the Geophysical Calendar is not yet available.

3. Bulletin Board. At the last STEP SC meeting it became evident that contact with the b-b was not always easy, despite the "simple instructions" given by the STEP Newsletter Editor. So, here is more comment. --- your local computer system must support DECnet in order to make use of the -- SET HOST NSSDCA -- command. If your system does not support DECnet, but is an internetted computer you may use --


This will get you to the USERNAME: prompt. From here on it is the same as when entering through SET HOST NSSDCA. From the first menu choose #3 (Space). When the second menu appears type 7 for the STEP B-B. Choose #3 from this menu to get specific projects (notes from Saskatoon appear there). The newsletter is available under a different number. please check in the above once a month for news that may not warrent a mailing like this.

4. CADRE. I include a paragraph sent to us by David Fritts convenor of CADRE.

"CADRE/ALOHA-93 measurements will commence in Hawaii in association with the NCAR Electra flights beginning 27 September and extending into the beginning of November. The MF radars at Hawaii and CI will operate continuously and associated ground-based optical measurements will be continued throughout this interval. CADRE measurements are also tentatively scheduled for March/April and ~ August of next year, when we will again focus on ST, MST, balloon, and rocket measurements near the equator."

Since there will be global modelling of the tide/PW/mean wind data it would be useful for mid-,high-latitude MLT radars/optical systems to operate through there CADRE campaigns. You will be informed of later CADRE data activity.

Thank you


Alan Manson