Since 1927, the College of Education has graduated over 32,000 teachers who directly influence lives and shape generations. We are a College with a proud past, determined to move forward with the new College Plan (2012- 2016): continued expansion of Aboriginal Engagement, support of wellness activities for faculty, staff, and students, implementation of the renewed B.Ed. program, growth and enhancement of our graduate programs, and continuing to develop and deliver high quality community-based undergraduate and graduate programs. The College of Education strives to be at the forefront of Aboriginal Education, and is proud to offer four unique programs specifically designed for Aboriginal Students. Providing direct and non-direct entry programs, the College offers a Bachelor of Education Degree, a Practical and Applied Arts Bachelor of Education Degree, and a Combined Bachelor of Education/bachelor of Music in Music Education.  We are proud of what has been accomplished, and we are optimistic about what is yet to come.

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Aboriginal Engagement

Renewed Partnership with Gabriel Dumont Institute

Knowledge Creation

Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI) Proposed