Medicine / Physical Therapy

The College of Medicine is a provincial resource, mandated to serve the people of Saskatchewan.

Our mission is to improve health through excellence in education, research and clinical care.  We are committed to expanding our distributed model of education to better meet the health needs of the communities we serve.   We also aim to increase the number of Aboriginal physicians in Canada.

Originally founded as the School of Medical Sciences in 1926, the College of Medicine has a proud history.  Today, we offer a full range of academic programming, including the School of Physical Therapy and the Division of Biomedical Sciences.

We administer a four-year undergraduate medical education program which is designed to ensure students graduate with a common foundation of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes.  This general professional education prepares undifferentiated graduates for subsequent healthcare training.

The Mission of the School of Physical Therapy is to achieve excellence in scholarly activities through teaching, research and clinical practice, and to maintain high quality academic physical therapy programs.  Through the advancement of research and evidence-based practice, preparation of high-quality physical therapy clinicians, leadership and client/population advocacy in the healthcare system and promotion of primary health care principles we aim to improve health status and quality of life.

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