University Library

The University Library is one of Canada’s leading research libraries. In addition to its electronic services and seven campus locations, the library’s 150 full-time (equivalent) faculty and staff serve over 27,000 University of Saskatchewan faculty, staff and students. The library provides year-round and around-the-clock access to an extensive electronic collection. Our collections and services provide support to learners, teachers, and researchers.

Vision: As leaders and innovators in a dynamic information environment, we collaborate with our community to create a positive experience that leads to success in learning, scholarship and practice.

Mission: In fulfilling the university’s mission and strategic directions, we:

  • create, select, acquire, organize and preserve information resources to meet current and emerging teaching, learning and research needs
  • teach and empower our community to find, evaluate and use information
  • remove barriers to access and ensure user-centred library services, resources and facilities
  • build relationships and partnerships internally and externally
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