Incident Reporting System Launched

by Val Szydlowski

Accidents happen; that’s just a fact of life. But, when something does go wrong, examining what happened and putting appropriate safety measures in place can prevent it from happening again.

To make it easier and more convenient to report workplace incidents, Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection (WSEP) introduced a new web-based incident reporting system in March 2009. This online system, which was developed as part of Facilities Management Division’s (FMD’s) Second Integrated Plan, simplifies the reporting process, improves reporting frequency and accuracy, and has made it much easier to analyze data, find trends and develop reports.

Prompt reporting and review of workplace incidents provides an opportunity for those involved to learn from the event. Tracking incidents over time also provides a better understanding of the types and frequency of events that occur and helps to direct resources where they are most needed to prevent injuries.

Improved supporting processes, in conjunction with the new incidents reporting system, ensure incidents are accurately tracked and that university management and WSEP are responding appropriately. These changes, in concert with improvements to other programs and services, like the continued implementation of the Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System, are resulting in a more engaged, conscientious community on campus. The real benefit is the decreasing injury rates on campus which were at an all-time low in 2011.