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KINSpin Run, Walk and Roll and Running of the First Years

This initiative celebrates three key areas of the Second Integrated Plan for the College of Kinesiology – outreach and engagement; working together across boundaries and the student experience.

In 2008, the College of Kinesiology hosted the inaugural KINSpin Run, Walk, and Roll. Many volunteers from the college and the community assist in making this annual fund-raiser successful.  There are three water stations, organized and administered by colorfully costumed students from Campus Recreation, Kinesiology Grad Student Society, and the Kinesiology Student Society.   Another 50 volunteers from around the community help ensure the event is successful.  The university community is always well represented at the event. The College of Kinesiology also uses the event to recognize an honorary ambassador for the KINSpin.  Past Ambassadors have included Paralympian Collette Bourgogne and Push to Play Ambassador Julian Nahachewsky.

The event attracts 500 to 600 participants yearly, and proceeds are given to the College of Kinesiology Special Needs fund, which is used to assist in the administration of programming for a number of the College’s Special Needs Programs:  PAAL, Spirit Flyers, and Angels Wings.  All programs are developed to meet specific needs of the special needs participants.  To date the event has raised more than $75,000 towards this cause. 

In 2010, the College of Kinesiology included this event as part of the first-year kinesiology students welcome to the University of Saskatchewan.   The “Running of the First Years” officially welcomes kinesiology students to the college as they run a ceremonial opening lap to kick-off the event.  This tradition helps them become better acquainted with college faculty and staff, programs and services, and exposes them to opportunities to participate in experiential learning.  The students then participate in the race by assisting in the awarding of medals to the younger participants.   

September 2012 was the fifth year the college has hosted this event.