Renewed Partnership with Gabriel Dumont Institute

by Kelsey Topola

On April 1, 2012, a contractual agreement was signed between the Gabriel Dumont Institute and the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan.

The Gabriel Dumont Institute, through agreements with the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina, has fostered collaborations that have ensured teacher preparation for students of Metis heritage in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina, in ways that will sustain the vibrancy of Metis history and culture in pre-kindergarten to grade 12 classrooms across the province.

Over its 30 year history, SUNTEP has often been held up as an exemplar across the country of positive community-university collaboration that fosters Aboriginal engagement through teacher education. Indeed, a study by economist Eric Howe argues that graduates of this program yield $90.0 billion to the Saskatchewan economy in terms of individual monetary and nonmonetary benefits and in external social benefits (Bridging the Aboriginal Achievement Gap in Saskatchewan, 2011).

Dean Cecilia Reynolds comments, “The College of Education at the U of S continues to be a proud partner with the Gabriel Dumont Institute. We look forward to enriching that partnership further as we move in September of 2013 to the full implementation of our renewed Bachelor of Education program that includes a greater emphasis on Aboriginal content and on field experiences.”

This partnership with GDI, among other partnerships, and this renewed B.Ed. program, put the U of S on the cutting-edge of Aboriginal engagement and teacher education.


Photo: Cecilia Reynolds, dean, College of Education, Kate Clements, alumnus, SUNTEP program, Glenn Lafleur, Vice Chair, Gabriel Dumont Institute