Courageous Curiosity

Empower a culture of innovation with the courage to confront humanity's greatest challenges and opportunities.

Be Curious. Inspire students, faculty and staff with the responsibility and expectation to be boldly curious as learners, researchers, scholars and artists.

Indigenize Creativity. Expand the understanding and practice of Indigenous ways of knowing and concepts of innovation.

Embrace Interdisciplinarity. Cement and catalyze interdisciplinary endeavours as a core premise of learning, research, scholarship and creativity.

Seek Solutions. Unleash a problem-solving, entrepreneurial ethic among students, faculty and staff, harnessing opportunities to apply our research, scholarly and artistic efforts to community and global priorities.

Boundless Collaboration

Invigorate the impact of collaboration and partnership in everything we do.

Enrich Disciplines. Build, enhance and sustain academic and research strength central to vibrant collaboration within and among all disciplines and academic units.

Align Structures. Ensure that academic and administrative structures enable collaborative opportunities for all students, faculty and staff.

Embolden Partnerships. Foster, expand and diversify local, national and global partnerships--with governments, businesses and civil society--rooted in reciprocal learning and the co-creation of knowledge.

Foster Reconciliation. Nurture the humility and conviction central to embedding the spirit and practice of reconciliation in all our engagement efforts.  

Inspired Communities

Inspire the world by achieving meaningful change with and for our communities.

Embrace Manacihitowin. Strengthen bonds of respect, trust and shared benefit with Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan, across Canada and globally.

Reinforce Value. Distinguish the university as an essential community partner by amplifying and documenting our impact on prosperity, quality of life, social resilience, ecological sustainability and student success in Saskatchewan, across Canada and globally.

Celebrate Stories. Equip all members of our community with the tools and opportunities to share and scale the university's knowledge, successes and stories--locally and globally.

Energize Champions. Galvanize and diversify relationships with alumni and the donor community.

2025 Aspirations

Authentic Indigenization: We have enriched the spirit and methodologies we inhabit in partnership with Indigneous students, faculty, staff and communities.

Productive Collaboration: Community, private-sector and international partnerships animate every facet of our research enterprise.

Meaningful Impact: We have translated knowledge and innovations that are helping our communities achieve their social and economic goals.

Distinguished Learners: Our graduates are among the most inventive, collaborative and sought-after in Canada.

Global Recognition: Our research, graduates, academic programming and reputation are recognized as world-class.