Course Overview

Over eight weeks, the NLC Summer Program offers an intensive six-credit Property Law course that covers three components: Personal Property, Real Property, and Aboriginal Property. The classes are taught by lawyers and law professors from across Canada, and taken together, they are representative of a first year Property Law course offered by Canadian law schools.   

Skill Building
In the context of Property Law, students learn the skills needed to succeed in law school, including reading comprehension, time management, argumentation, and legal writing. Skills are honed with the help of writing consultants and teaching assistants in the law classroom and through legal writing classes.

Students spend 15 hours in class per week, in addition to attending weekly tutorials, writing seminars, and skills sessions. The work requirements are heavy and students are expected to be prepared for classroom participation.

Cultural Context
The program integrates Customary Law into its courses, through which students learn about law from the perspectives of Elders. Elders also provide cultural support, guidance, and counselling outside of the classroom.


Watch this video for former director Ruth Thompson's in-depth description of the program:

PLSNP In Depth from NativeLawPLSNP on Vimeo.