Giving to the NLC Summer Program

Why Give?

The NLC Summer Program is the only national program in Canada dedicated to preparing Aboriginal students for law school by teaching legal reading, legal writing, and legal analysis skills in the context of a Property Law course.

Students come from all over Canada to Saskatoon to participate in the NLC Summer Program for 8 weeks, and often they must leave their jobs and families to take advantage of the program. Because of the sacrifices the short-term move requires, the NLC Summer Program tries to keep tuition rates low and keep access to the program unrestricted. The NLC Summer Program wants to keep the doors to legal education open to students from all over Canada - lower tuition fees facilitated by your donation can make the move to Saskatoon easier on many students.

Donations of any size can help the NLC Summer Program in a number of ways, including sponsoring a student, strengthening academic support programming by investing in writing consultants and teaching assistants, and attracting a strong teaching complement from law schools across Canada. 

Your gift makes a significant impact in the lives of Aboriginal law students.

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To discuss other giving options, please contact:

Native Law Centre of Canada
University of Saskatchewan
Room 160, Law Building
15 Campus Drive
Saskatoon SK S7N 5A6 Canada
Tel: (306) 966-6189 Fax: (306) 966-6207