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Why the U of S?

We appreciate our history.

We are in the midst of unprecedented growth.

  • Our campus is expanding more than at any time before, with $1 billion in funded capital projects in the last decade. The Heath Sciences project will be an interdisciplinary home for our health science students and the visionary plan for College Quarter  is guiding our plans for future development, including student residences, arts and recreation spaces, and more.  

We are all Huskies.

We have unique, cutting-edge research facilities.

  • Canada’s only synchrotron, the Canadian Light Source, sits on our campus, and soon we will open the doors to VIDO-InterVac, one of the largest containment level 3 facilities in North America.

We are building capacity.

  • As our student population continues to grow, we look for better ways to support and welcome new U of S students. The Learning Commons in the Murray Library offers gathering space and study options, the Learning Communities help first-year students make the transition into post-secondary education, and the new student residences will let more students live on campus.

We are focused on the future.

We know home is where the heart is.

  • As the University of Saskatchewan, we recognize the value of being able to call a province like Saskatchewan home. We have a highly supportive relationship with the provincial government, which has been able to provide the U of S with increasing levels of financial support. We work with people around the province through our University Senate and regional advisory councils, and interact with communities throughout Saskatchewan.

We are recruiting students from around the world.

  • Our student population is growing and has almost reached 20,000. Our graduate student population is over 2,800, around 1,700 students self-identify as Aboriginal and around 1,800 students are international students. 

We take pride in our people.

We love life.