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Message from the Chair of the search committee

Nancy Hopkins, ChairThe University of Saskatchewan has enjoyed tremendous progress under the leadership of our current president, Peter MacKinnon. While we are saddened by his upcoming departure in June 2012, we are also excited by the opportunity to continue to build on the momentum President MacKinnon has created.

The search committee, comprising members of the board, senate, deans, faculty and students, understands the importance of finding an outstanding candidate to recommend to the Board of Governors to fill the role of president. As a university, our progress is matched only by our desire always to do more – our integrated plan and the renewed strategic directions reflect the lofty but realistic ambitions we have for ourselves.

The University of Saskatchewan, building on more than 100 years of history, finds our success among our people. We look forward to working together through this process, and to another presidential term that will continue to propel us toward our goal of becoming an engaged university, and one of the most distinguished universities in Canada and the world.