About the Search Process

As with any senior administration position, the search for the president follows the board-approved Search and Review Procedures for Senior Administrators. The final decision to appoint the next president rests with the Board of Governors. To assist the board in making its decision, a search committee has been struck and is chaired by Board of Governors chair, Nancy Hopkins. Membership includes representation from the board, the Senate, Deans’ Council, General Academic Assembly, Graduate Students’ Association and University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union. Throughout the search process, the campus community and relevant external groups will have a number of opportunities to provide input that will inform the committee’s work. When the search committee has identified a preferred candidate, it will make a recommendation to the Board of Governors.

For detailed information about the search process, please click here.

All members of the Search Committee have signed a confidentiality agreement.  To view a copy of the agreement, please click here.

Presidential Search Fact Sheet (PDF)

Please direct inquiries about or applications for the position of President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan to:

Janet Wright & Associates Inc.
174 Bedford Road, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2K9

General questions about the university’s search processes for senior administrators should be directed to the University Secretary Lea Pennock at 306-966-4632 or lea.pennock@usask.ca.

Comments and recommendations about the main issues and challenges facing the university over the next five to 10 years, along with the qualifications, experience and vision that you think the search committee should be seeking in the next president can be submitted to presidential.search@usask.ca.