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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.      Why was the redesign of printing services initiated?

The need to redesign university printing plant and fleet operations was identified as a priority through Phase I of the Service and Process Enhancement Project (SPEP) at the University of Saskatchewan. The purpose of SPEP was to assess university administrative functions and develop recommendations for service and process enhancement that would ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources at our university. Printing was identified as an opportunity through this review and is now one of the three initiatives approved by Provost’s Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP) for implementation in Phase II. 

For more information about SPEP, please see: http://www.usask.ca/spep.

Q.      Which copy centers on campus were closed?

The redesign of printing plant and fleet operations has involved closure of six copy centres located in the Administration Building, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, College of Education, College of Engineering, Edwards School of Business and Health Sciences Building effective June 29, 2011. The Learning Resources Centre in the Education building will continue to support faculty and staff across campus in clearing copyright for teaching purposes (e.g. coursepacks, classroom handouts). 

Q.      Why did you close the copy centre in my building?

By consolidating printing services and implementing service and process changes, we can improve service and reduce copy and printing costs. All the space currently occupied by copy centres will be reassigned for student or teaching purposes.

This initiative is intended to transition printing services to meet current and future printing and design needs, while ensuring a financially sustainable operation that addresses an industry-wide trend of declining volumes in printing services that is anticipated to continue.

As part of the university’s SPEP commitment to quality and efficiency, we are striving to ensure that our print plant and fleet operations are based on leading practices as compared with other universities undergoing similar improvement efforts.  Ultimately, this initiative will lead to additional teaching, research and student space for our campus community.

Q.      Since there is no longer a copy centre in my building, how do I arrange to have photocopies made?

You have two options. You can request printing services using an online requisition form similar to the paper form you used when ordering printing from the copy centres and submitting your file electronically. The online requisition form can be found at: http://www.usask.ca/printing_services/place_an_order.php. You can also send a hard copy of your file in one of the following ways:

During the next few months we will be working with colleges and units to set up drop-off locations.

Q.    How do I know that my order has been received and is being filled?

 When you submit your files electronically using our online requisition, you will receive an email to confirm the order has been received at Printing Services. If a customer does not receive a confirmation email, it is unlikely that we received the order. Please let us know the date and time when the job must be completed so that we can schedule the work to meet your needs. Feel free to contact Printing Services at 966-6639 if you have any questions or concerns regarding an order.

 Q. Can I still send in hard copies, or will I have to make my own copies within my department?

Yes, you can send hard copies to Printing Services through campus mail, or you may hand-deliver them (124 Veterinary  Road).

Q. Will I still be able to have my materials copied within 24 hours?

Yes. We will be able to fill orders within one business day. Our central printing plant, located in the General Purpose Building, will have the capacity to produce the same and/or more output than the six copy centers combined. In addition, we have a driver in place for daily and rush deliveries of finished print/copy jobs. As well, Printing Services will continue to operate the university mailroom and will use it to send less urgent print jobs.

Q.     How will you get jobs over to Printing Services at the General Purpose Building and then return them directly to me – especially exams?

We do have pick-up and delivery services and can arrange for delivery to specific locations or individuals. Please be sure to contact Printing Services at 966-6639 in advance to arrange any special requirements regarding your pick-up and delivery.

Q.      How can you ensure quick turn-around, especially for exams? I may have as little as two hours from the time I finish putting an exam together until I have students write it.

We do have pick-up and delivery services and will do our best to accommodate these quick turn-arounds. Please be sure to contact Printing Services at 966-6639 in advance to confirm our ability to meet very short turn-arounds.

Q.      How will you ensure the security of my photocopied examinations?

We can arrange delivery to meet your security needs. Please call Printing Services at 966-6785 to make the necessary arrangements. 

Q.      How will I receive my photocopied materials?

You will have three options: (1) We offer a pick-up service at our central printing plant in the General Purpose Building.    (2) We will continue to provide delivery service to customers. (3) We operate the university mailroom and less urgent print/copy jobs will be distributed through this network as needed.

Q.      Do I have to come all the way over to the General Purpose Building to get cash jobs done?

You can still submit your requisition and file online. However, you will still be required to go to the General Purpose Building to pay for cash jobs. Over the next several weeks we will be exploring options to facilitate cash payments for copying. This is one of the issues that we are addressing. Please visit the Printing Services website for the most current information about the status of cash copying.

Q.      Where can students go to get binding done?

Students can submit their requisitions and files electronically. If the copying and binding is a cash transaction, you will be required to pay the driver on delivery with exact change. Please visit the Printing Services website (www.usask.ca/printingservices)  for the most current information about the status of cash copying and binding.

Q.      Because I am so far away, can I call ahead and arrange to wait while my job is being copied or printed?


Q.      What will happen to the equipment in the copy centres?

Our central printing facility has been designed to meet all current and future university requirements. In addition, two of the high speed copiers will be moved from the closed copy centers to the central printing plant. The equipment not required at the central printing plant will be returned to Xerox. We are committed to meeting your print and document needs and are well-equipped to meet increased demand.

Q.      How will you deal with increased demand for coursepacks in a compressed timeframe in August (partly as a result of recent changes in Access Copyright)?

We are currently working through details of staff schedules to ensure we can meet this increased demand in August and beyond. Some equipment will be moved from the copy centers to the central plant to increase capacity. In addition, we will retain some overflow copying capacity. We will also continue to maintain the Learning Resource Centre for copyright clearance for faculty and staff during the summer months.

We are committed to a smooth transition and will share more details with you in the weeks to come.

Q.      I prefer to use another copy supplier. Will this change affect my choice?

No. As always, you will have the option to take your photocopying and printing off-campus. We anticipate that within weeks, our improved service and competitive pricing will offer an attractive option for your print and copy needs.

Q.      How can centralizing copying improve service?

As the unit with responsibility for providing quality printing service to the university at a low cost, Consumer Services is committed to improving turnaround time and customer service while also improving our administrative processes and reducing costs. This change will enable our university’s print operation to provide a full range of monochrome and color services, provide desktop delivery service to all users, and assemble all staff and equipment in one location. We will be working with Xerox Canada Ltd. to identify and implement changes that will improve service delivery.

The central printing plant remains open and available to serve your printing needs. You can contact the central printing plant by phone at 966-6639 or by email at printing.services@usask.ca

Q.      Who can I contact for more information?

More information related specifically to arranging print or copy services, please contact Printing Services at 966-6639 or by email at printing.services@usask.

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact Greg Fowler, director, Consumer Services, by email at greg.fowler@usask.ca

or by phone at 966-6785. You can expect to learn more about this initiative through periodic updates in the weeks ahead.

Q.    I'm not familiar with using Printing Services Document Solutions and Distribution. How do I get. started?

A. Call us at 966-6639, or e-mail printing.services@usask.ca. Our professional staff can walk you through the process right from your initial idea to the final printed product. We encourage you to draw on our experience for advice and direction.

Q.   If I want to supply a document to you electronically, what is the best way?

A. Please use our new online requisition ordering located at this URL - Printing Services online Requisition ordering.

Q.  Do I need to provide electronic files for my job?

A. Electronic files are not required for copying jobs. However, we do need them for fine printing.

Q.  How much time should I allow to get my job done?

A. This will vary by the size and complexity of the job. In general, it's best to allow plenty of time, but we realize this isn't always possible. In all cases, we will do our utmost to deliver by your deadline.