Resource Science

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Admission requirements

Sustainable use of our land, water and plant resources is increasingly recognized as a key societal goal in the 21st Century.  Management of these resources requires a combination of applied science and management skills with an understanding of the broad societal context.  Renewable Resource Management provides essential skills in resource management coupled with a broader understanding of the role of management in society.  The Resource Science field of study provides students with hands-on, practical experience in field measurement and assessment.

Graduates of related diploma programs may be eligible to receive up to two years block transfer credit into the Resource Science field of study.  Students transferring under an articulation agreement, or who have been granted block transfer credit must take a prescribed set of courses.  For additional information, or to determine eligibility for block transfer, contact the Director of Academic and Student Services in the Dean's Office, College of Agriculture and Bioresources.

Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management [B.Sc.(RRM)]

Block Transfer - Lakeland College - CARE, ECR

Block Transfer - Sask Polytechnic - IRM and FET

Block Transfer - Sask Polytechnic - Resource and Environment Law