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Academic Information & Policies

The following addresses college-level policies and information. For university-wide policies, please visit the U of S Policies and Regulations.

Degrees and Certificates

Majors and Program Types

B.A. & B.Sc. Degree Requirements

B.A.&Sc. Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music

Honours Programs

Post-Degree Specialization Certificate (P.D.S.C.)

Certificate of Proficiency Programs

Second Degree Programs

Registration & Course Selection

Transfer Credit Opportunities

College Scholar, Special Studies & Special Topics Courses



Date of Commencement of a Program

Deferred and Supplemental Examinations

Raising the C.W.A.: 18 Credit Unit Rule

Repeating Courses



Junior MATH course credits

Statistics Course Regulations

Availability of Programs

Work Experience Programs

University of the Arctic

Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

St. Thomas More College