Anthropology -(B.A. Double Honours)- Major 1

Double Honours Programs may be taken in combinations of two subjects. In this program at least 36 credit units will normally be taken in each subject.  For further details, please see the Academic Information and Policies section.

The Department requires that all Honours students consult with the Departmental Undergraduate Advisor in establishing the students' fields of specialization within anthropology because this consideration is important in choosing suitable upper‑level courses within the department and suitable cognate courses offered by other departments.

Students choosing Anthropology as Major 1 or Major 2 may only count a maximum of 6 credit units of course work toward both Anthropology and the other discipline, with the exception of Archaeology in which all eligible courses may be double counted. (For example, students may choose to pursue a Double Honours in Anthropology and Psychology, in which case a maximum of 6 credit units of PSY courses may be counted in the Anthropology requirements and again in the Psychology requirements.)

No more than 6 credit units from one subject may be used in Requirements B1 to B4.

B1 Basic Social Science Requirement (12 credit units)

B2 Humanities Requirement (6 credit units)

B3 Science Requirement (6 credit units)

B4 Language Requirement (6 credit units)

B5 General Requirement (6 credit units)

B6 Major Requirement (30 credit units)

B7 Electives Requirement (54 credit units)