Bachelor of Science Four-year (B.Sc. Four-year) - Applied Mathematics

This program is aimed to equip students with basic mathematical knowledge and skills to analyze and solve problems arising in subject areas other than mathematics. 

In order to become acquainted with the breadth of application of mathematics, students are advised to consider obtaining a minor in another subject.

A student following this program could, with appropriate choices made early enough, qualify for the B.Sc. Honours – Applied Mathematics. In order to consider this possibility it is essential that one seek and receive academic advising at an early stage in the program - no later than the end of first-year.

C1 Science Requirement (minimum 15 credit units)

C2 Humanities Writing Requirement (6 credit units)

C3 Social Science Requirement (6 credit units)

C4 Mathematics and Statistics Requirement (6 credit units)

C5 General Requirement (6 credit units)

C6 Major Requirement (45 credit units)

C7 Electives Requirement (36 credit units)

Suggested Sequence of Courses