Bachelor of Arts Four-year (B.A. Four-year) - Business Economics

Whether a student earns an Honours or a Four-year major degree in the Business Economics Program depends on their C.W.A. and whether the student takes the required six credit-unit 400-level course for the honours degree. The total program requirement is 66 credit units, including 60 credit units in economics and commerce.

No more than 60 credit units of the courses comprising the B.A program may be in any one subject, and of the 120 credit units required for the B.A. degree, at least 66 credit units must be at the senior level

No more than 6 credit units from one subject may be used in Requirements B1 to B4.

B1 Basic Social Science Requirement (12 credit units)

B2 Humanities Requirement (6 credit units)

B3 Science Requirement (6 credit units)

B4 Language Requirement (6 credit units)

B5 General Requirement (6 credit units)

B6 Major Requirement (minimum 54 credit units)

B7 Electives Requirement (maximum 30 credit units)