Bachelor of Science Honours Software Engineering Option (B.Sc. Honours SE) - Computer Science (Accredited Program)

Students should be aware that the Software Engineering Option does not lead to a professional engineering degree certified by professional engineering societies and does not qualify persons to hold the designation "P.Eng." Students interested in a second degree program in computer science and another subject are advised to consult with both departments before selecting their courses in each year of their program.

Students interested in entering an Honours program should consult advisors in the department concerned before registering for their second year. Of the 120 credit units required for the B.Sc. degree, at least 66 credit units must be at the senior level.  Application for admission to Honours is not considered until successful completion of at least 60 credit units with a Cumulative Weighted Average of at least 70% overall and at least 70% in the subject of Honours.  For further details, please see the Academic Information and Policies section.

C1 Science Requirement (minimum 15 credit units)

C2 Humanities Writing Requirement (6 credit units)

C3 Social Science Requirement (6 credit units)

C4 Mathematics and Statistics Requirement (6 credit units)

C5 General Requirement (6 credit units)

C6 Major Requirement (48 credit units)

C7 Electives Requirement (33 credit units)