Certificate in Global Studies (Cert.) - (15-18 credit units)

This certificate requires the completion of the following 15-18 credit units:

3 credit units Language Course or Demonstrated Language Competency

Students must either (a) complete a language course worth at least 3 credit units at the University of Saskatchewan or any other accredited post-secondary institution; or (b) demonstrate fluency or at least high functional competency in a language other than English.

Note: Students seeking credit for fluency or high functional competency in a second language must consult with the Coordinator/Administrator for the Global Studies program to discuss how they can obtain credit. Functional competency can be established through the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) process, or through the establishment of an assessment method whereby students can demonstrate competency. Students who are successful will not receive academic credit, but this program requirement will be considered to have been met. Students using these assessment methods will be required to pay fees for evaluation.

Eligible Language courses offered at the University of Saskatchewan include (but are not limited to):

9 credit units from Clusters A, B, C, D:

Students may receive permission to count comparable courses, subject to approval by the Global Studies Program Director/Administrator.

Note: Students cannot use more than 6 credit units from any single cluster toward this requirement.