Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Honours) - Music

Students interested in entering an Honours program should consult advisors in the department concerned before registering for their second year. Of the 120 credit units required for the B.A. Honours degree, at least 66 credit units must be at the senior level.  Application for admission to Honours is not considered until successful completion of at least 60 credit units with at least 70% in the subject of Honours.  For further details, please see the Academic Information and Policies section.

Students planning to enter the Honours program must consult with the Head of the Department. The candidate must demonstrate considerable competence in music theory, music history and performance before being admitted to the program.

No more than 6 credit units from one subject may be used to meet Requirements D1 to D5

D1 Basic Fine Arts Requirement (12 credit units)

D2 Humanities Requirement (6 credit units)

D3 Science Requirement (6 credit units)

D4 Language Requirement (6 credit units)

D5 Social Science Requirement (6 credit units)

D6 Major Requirement (42 credit units)

D7 Electives Requirement (42 credit units)

Performance Requirements

Suggested Sequence of Courses