Performance Requirements

Although regular participation in departmental ensembles is highly encouraged, only one year of ensemble participation is required for this degree. 

Applied Ensemble

The following evaluation method will be common to all sections: Attendance and Preparation (40%); Concert Participating (30%); Individualized testing (15% per semester).

Note: An unexcused absence from a concert performance will result in an automatic fail.

Attendance and preparation means regular attendance at rehearsals and ensemble events, and evidence of prior preparation of the musical materials.

Concert participation includes quality contribution to the ensemble, reflected in attitude, punctuality, responsibility in duties related to the concert and rehearsals, and quality of musical performance.

Individualized testing will take place at the end of November (well before the drop date for full-year courses) and at the end of March. The results of this testing, as well as evaluation for concert participation and attendance/preparation, will also be given at this time.