C6 Major Requirement (48 credit units)

Required core courses:
  • EP 253.1
  • PHYS 223.3
  • PHYS 230.1
  • PHYS 231.1
  • PHYS 252.3
  • PHYS 323.3
  • PHYS 356.3
  • PHYS 371.3
  • PHYS 383.3
  • PHYS 490.0

Choose additional credit units from the following list to satisfy the 48 credit unit requirement.  At least 6 credit units must be at the 400-level.

A student may choose to complete a Specialization as part of the B.Sc. (Honours) in Physics.  In this case the student must complete the Required Core Courses and the requirements for the chosen Specialization, and then choose additional courses from the above list as necessary to earn the minimum 48 credit units in the Major Requirement. A completed Specialization will be noted on the student’s transcript.

Specialization in Astronomy

Specialization in Atmospheric, Space, and Plasma Sciences

Specialization in Materials Science

Specialization in Nuclear Science

Specialization in Theoretical Physics