Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours (B.F.A. Honours) - Studio Art

This program is intended for students who wish to acquire a thorough knowledge of studio art as part of their general education and for those who wish to prepare for work leading to graduate degrees in art. The degree requires 120 credit units (four years) in the College of Arts & Science Program majors are strongly encouraged to declare a major as early as possible in their program, as this will help facilitate course registration. Students may be admitted directly to the B.F.A. Honours program with a minimum admission average of 70% and completion of the Advance Placement Studio Art Program; or with a minimum admission average of at least 70% and a portfolio approved by the Department of Art and Art History. Students who wish to pursue this program but do not meet these requirements upon admission to the College of Arts & Science should follow the program requirements below (see Suggested B.F.A. Program for sequencing), and apply for admission following the first 60 credit units (two years) of study.

Foundation courses are to be completed in the first and second years of the program.

A B.F.A. candidate must maintain a Cumulative Weighted Average of 70% or better on all courses.

During the final 2 years of the four-year program, the student may concentrate in two or more studio areas. Significant development may be difficult if a student works in more than four areas.

E1 B.F.A. Academic Requirement (30 credit units)

E2 Studio Art Requirement (54 credit units)

E3 Art History Requirement (18 credit units)

E4 Electives Requirement (18 credit units)


Final Exhibition

Suggested B.F.A. Program