Ukrainian - Recognition

Ukrainian language courses are currently offered by St. Thomas More College. Please consult the course offerings on PAWS for the list of courses offered each year.

The study of second languages is fundamental to an education in the liberal arts, to citizenship in a multicultural nation, and to understanding an increasingly close-knit world. It is an important element in the study of linguistics. Knowledge of a second language is important in many undergraduate and graduate programs and is an advantage or necessity in a wide range of careers. The ability to read and communicate in a second language also opens doors, otherwise closed, to gratifying personal and cultural experiences.

Courses and Programs Abroad: Students are strongly encouraged to complement their programs with study and travel abroad. By obtaining prior permission of the University they may be able to apply credits earned abroad towards a University of Saskatchewan degree.

Ukrainian language courses can be used towards satisfying the Language Requirement and towards the following programs:

  • Linguistics
  • Modern Languages
  • Ukrainian Studies - Minor

Ukrainian - Recognition

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