Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL)

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Admission requirements

The Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL) Program is a six-course distance-delivered program designed to meet the instructional needs of current and prospective instructors of English as a second language or dialect both in Canada and abroad. This 250-hour program (with a practicum or professional project) is recognized by TESL Canada, TESL Ontario, Alberta TESL and TESL Saskatchewan. Please note that for TESL Ontario accreditation, CERTESL students must complete 310 hours in the program.

All of the courses are delivered via distance education using primarily print. Some courses utilize CDs and/or DVDs and you will have the option to take some CERTESL courses with interactivity via computer conferencing.  CERTESL students who do not have prior teaching experience or B.Ed. degrees are required to complete the practicum option (TESL 42). Note that eventual adult ESL teacher accreditation by TESL Canada or TESL Ontario requires the practicum regardless of previous teaching experience.

In the Saskatchewan pre‐K‐12 education system, CERTESL is recognized as an 18‐credit Integrated Program Component of the 30‐credit Additional Qualification Certificate (AQC). In addition, a ten course extended version of CERTESL is recognized as a complete AQC. If you hold a B.Ed. or PGDEd.and plan to teach in Saskatchewan, you may obtain further information about the salary and other benefits of AQC status and the requirements for completing an AQC from the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation or Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Education.