Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) - Program 2012

The general purpose of the program is to prepare educators for careers in a variety of educational institutions, including K to 12 schools, where they will work to advance the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development of all learners and provide leadership in incorporating diversity and inclusion in the development of educational communities. The program is designed to prepare candidates to appreciate the highest aspirations for teaching and learning that educational theory has to offer and to begin to develop candidates’ capacities to discern and to express those aspirations in applying educational theory and ethical values into practice, policy, and research. Specifically, the program is designed to prepare educators who strive to recognize learning as valuing and constructing, affirm dignity and respect for individuals, support communities, build emancipatory action for social and ecological justice, engage in education as transformative praxis, and consider educational possibilities from multiple philosophical perspectives. 

This is accomplished by exposing candidates to integrated on-campus and field study opportunities designed to enhance understanding of the theory-practice continuum and to develop competencies in working with children and youth. Candidates will engage in community-based activities, self-directed learning, critical reflection, and inquiry projects to deepen their awareness of the roles of educator as teacher-scholars.

Four-Year Degree Requirements

The College of Education has restructured the teachable areas to align more closely with the requirements for teacher services.

Note: This does not affect those teacher candidates already admitted to the College of Education. The College of Education will honor the old teaching areas for the admission year September 2013. If at all possible prospective student should try to adjust their teaching areas to the new groupings.

To earn a four-year Bachelor of Education degree, all teacher candidates must complete a minimum of 60 credit units of subject area study in a Teaching Area selected from the areas of Fine Arts, Humanities, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Native Studies, Science, Practical & Applied Arts and Sciences, and/or Social Sciences and a minimum of  60 credit units of professional study.  However there are different pathways to fulfill these requirements.

Field Study

Note: All teacher candidates must complete a criminal record check before they can participate in any field experience.

Pre-Internship Field Study

Pre-internship field study involves exploratory, practical experience in a partner schools. Teacher candidates will be expected to carry out course assignments in their assigned school, engage in volunteer in-school activities wherever possible, observe, teach small and large groups and facilitate learning activities under the guidance of cooperating teachers, faculty members, and field experience coordinators. Teacher candidates are placed with teachers holding a Saskatchewan Teaching Certificate in a school using provincial curricula and organized under the Education Act. Teacher candidates will be assigned a partner school within commuting distance of Saskatoon, and must complete pre-internship field study experiences by June 30 prior to internship commencing the fall of that same year. 


Internship involves one term of teaching experience, approximately 16 weeks in length. Teacher candidates must register in EDUC 471.3 which is offered concurrently with EDUC 421.12.

Teacher candidates must be prepared to complete the Internship in a center that is not within commuting distance of Saskatoon. During internship teacher candidates are placed with teachers holding a Saskatchewan Teaching Certificate in a school using the provincial curriculum and organized under the Education Act.

Before they may register for Internship, teacher candidates must have obtained a Cumulative Weighted Average of 60% both in their External and their Education courses. In addition, teacher candidates in the Secondary option must have a minimum average of 60% in each of Teaching Areas I and II.

To be eligible for the Internship, teacher candidates must have completed all external courses, all Education pre-internship courses and the student teaching experience by June 30 prior to the internship commencement.

Specific dates are posted in the online Course Offerings.

Sequential Elementary Program Requirements

Sequential Secondary Program Requirements