Bachelor of Science Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education Combined Program

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Admission requirements

This five-year program is designed for students who intend to teach Physical Education at the Secondary level. Students enroll in the College of Kinesiology and apply for admission to the College of Education at the end of Year 3; admission is limited to approximately 25 students. For admission information, please visit

Applicants interested in a career in teaching secondary physical education must register in the first year courses common to all routes in the College of Kinesiology, and must take INDG 107.3 and 3 credit units in social sciences or humanities. In the second and third year, interested students should follow the outline for the 5-year combined degree in Kinesiology and Education. Students registered in the College of Kinesiology are eligible to apply for entrance into the combined program if they have completed a minimum of 95 credit units that includes the following courses: ACB 221.3; BIOL 120.3 and BIOL 224.3;ENG 110.6 or choose 2 courses from ENG 111.3, ENG 112.2, or ENG 114.3; KIN 121.3, KIN 122.3, KIN 150.3, KIN 222.3, KIN 223.3, KIN 225.3, KIN 226.3, KIN 231.3, KIN 240.3, KIN 281.3, KIN 320.3, KIN 322.3,KIN 341.3, KIN 380.3 and KIN elective (3 credit units) (choose from KIN 232.3, KIN 233.3, KIN 255.3, KIN 321.3, KIN 334.3, KIN 381.3, KIN 425.3, KIN 428.3, KIN 431.3, KIN 442.3, or KIN 451.3); KINA 200.2, KINA 210.2, KINA 211.2, KINA 235.2; MATH 104.3 (or MATH 110.3); INDG 107.3 and 3 credit units in social sciences or humanities; and STAT 245.3 or PLSC 214.3 or PSY 233.3 and 15 credit units in a second teaching area. 

The B.Sc.(Kin.)/B.Ed. combined degree is a designated 168 credit-unit, five-year (plus one Spring and Summer Session) undergraduate program.

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Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education [B.Sc.(Kin.)/B.Ed.]