Business Administration Certificate (BAC)

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Admission requirements

The BAC is an eight-course, part-time, evening program. The purpose of the BAC program is to introduce students to the business environment, and provide fundamental business knowledge in the areas of marketing, human resources, financial management, strategy, and more. Through the comprehensive core course load BAC students are taught analytical techniques and practical management skills to assist them in becoming effective managers. Courses offered in this program are recognized as meeting some or all of the requirements for designations offered by a number of national professional organizations. Most of the courses also transfer to the Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Upon first admission to the Business Administration Certificate program at the Edwards School of Business, students must complete requirements within a ten (10) year time period. Under exceptional circumstances, the School may grant an extension. Students returning to the Business Administration Certificate program after an absence of five (5) or more years will be placed under the curriculum requirements in effect on the date of readmission.

Further information may be obtained from the Edwards Student & Faculty Services Office Office. | | 306-966-4785