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Admission requirements

The Edwards School of Business is a great place to study business in Western Canada. Saskatoon is a vibrant community with a thriving economy and we are committed to providing an outstanding experience to students from around the world.

Students returning to the program after an absence of five years or more will be placed under the curriculum requirements in effect on the date that the student is readmitted to the School. In 2006 and thereafter, upon first admission to the Edwards School of Business, students must complete the degree requirements within a ten (10) year time period. Under exceptional circumstances, the School may grant an extension. The Course & Program Catalogue material details the new course offerings and the revised program which should be followed by all newly admitted students.

The curriculum exposes students to important business issues starting in the first year of study. Newly admitted students will have a more integrated first year experience with wider exposure to management concepts in key areas such as organizational behaviour, business communications, and decision making. Students entering their third year will specialize in one of six majors and conclude their fourth year with a business policy and a management skills class.


A student can major in one of six fields: Accounting (33 credit units), Finance (21 credit units), Human Resources (24 credit units), Management (30 credit units), Marketing (21 credit units) or Operations Management (18 credit units). Each major has certain required courses, while some also have elective courses which can be selected from a specified list. Entrance restrictions have been placed on five of the majors (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations Management) with the criterion being academic performance. All students must apply for acceptance to a major through program planning in January of their second year.


Senior elective credit units vary depending on the major: 12 credit units for Management; 9 credit units for Accounting and Human Resources; 21 credit units for Finance and Marketing; and 24 credit units for Operations Management. Senior electives may be chosen from Commerce courses (300-level and higher) or non-Commerce courses (200-level and higher) but students must have met the necessary prerequisites. The prerequisites may, in some cases, be junior courses which will not count towards the Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) - Management