Biological Engineering

Please note the College of Engineering has suspended enrolment into the Biological Engineering Program for the 2013-14 academic year. Students already admitted to the program will be able to complete their programs unaffected by this decision, however prospective students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor in the Engineering Student Centre 306-966-5274 or to discuss their learning or career goals.

Biological Engineering (formerly Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering) integrates engineering science and design with applied biological sciences for the solution of problems involving plants, animals, and the natural environment. It deals with engineering design to develop processes, machines, and systems that influence, control, or utilize biological materials and organisms for the benefit of society. Graduates are employed in the agricultural and food industries, resource industries such as forestry and mining, land and water management sectors, bio-fuels and bio-materials industries as well as the medical field for both humans and animals.

Biological engineers ensure that we have the necessities of life: safe and plentiful food to eat, pure water to drink, clean fuel and energy sources, and a safe, healthy environment in which to live. More specifically, Biological Engineering is the application of engineering principles to address challenges in the life sciences which includes fields of biology, ecology, and medicine.

Students must follow the program of study that was in place at the time of their entrance to the College of Engineering, recognizing that program and course changes may result in modification to the original program of study. It is recommended that students contact the Engineering Student Centre to confirm their program of study on a regular basis.

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Program Requirements

Engineering (B.E.) - Bachelor of Science