Engineering Entrepreneurship Option

The Engineering Entrepreneurship Option (EEO) consists of eight courses as an optional addition to any of the eight B.E. degrees. Six, and up to seven, courses are delivered in the Edwards School of Business. The program capstone course (GE 430.0 Engineering Entrepreneurship Capstone) is taught in the College of Engineering.

All undergraduate students within the College of Engineering are required to complete a first-year common core. Students that secure admission to a specific upper-year discipline must follow the program of study that was in place at the time of their admission to an upper-year academic discipline, recognizing that course and program changes may result in modification to the original program of study. It is recommended that students contact the Engineering Student Centre to confirm their program of study on a regular basis.

The recommended schedule for courses required in the EEO is as follows:

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Program Requirements

Suggested Terms for Required Courses