Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics is a bridge between pure and applied science, utilizing fundamental concepts in today's rapidly changing and highly technical/engineering environment. The program emphasizes the solid foundations of modern scientific principles, mathematical rigour, technical know-how in designing, building and doing experiments, the knowledge essential for a succesful professional career in science and technology. The program is recommended for students interested in newly developing areas of physics, modern technology, instrumentation, and experimentation. Graduates may proceed to a postgraduate degree in Physics and Engineering Physics or in other branches of engineering. There are also double degree programs in Engineering Physics/Computer Science and Engineering Physics/Mathematics which have proven to be very effective for the high technology job market and for graduate work.

Students must follow the program of study that was in place at the time of their entrance to the College of Engineering, recognizing that program and course changes may result in modification to the original program of study. It is recommended that students contact the Engineering Student Centre to confirm their program of study on a regular basis.

Program Requirements

Engineering (B.E.) - Bachelor of Science