Engineering Professional Internship Program

The Engineering Professional Internship Program is a five-year program which includes a minimum of eight months (under review) of supervised work experience in industry. Normally, the work terms commence after the student has completed at least 84 credit units of an Engineering program. For a student to be admitted to the internship program he or she must have achieved and must maintain a 65% Sessional Weighted Average. A student must have at least 18 credit units remaining in the B.E. program. Interested students are encouraged to contact either the Engineering Student Centre or the Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC).

Students are required to apply to SECC by early October for round one postings, late November for round two postings and an open third round beginning in February for an opportunity to compete for an internship starting in January, May or September. Students who do not meet the admission requirements should contact the SECC or the Engineering Student Centre for alternative dates. For more information and specific dates, please check the website

Students must complete a minimum of two of the following courses in addition to the regular requirements for the B.E. degree: EPIP 401, EPIP 402, EPIP 403, EPIP 404. Each EPIP course represents a four-month, professional internship, work term.

The Engineering Internship work experience is for a minimum of eight continuous months and a maximum of sixteen months. Students are reminded that internship isnot a summer work program. A student who does not successfully complete the internship program is deemed to have failed the EPIP program.

The work in each course is supervised by a licensed Professional Engineer in the host company. Students are required to submit written reports to the Engineering Student Centre at the end of each work term. The last report is a comprehensive technical report on the student's work experience. All reports must be approved by the student's industrial supervisor and are graded by a member of the faculty (pass/fail).

Students are referred to the Engineering Student Centre or SECC for further details.