Professional Communication Option

The Professional Communication Option consists of six courses (18 credit units) as an optional addition to any of the nine B.E. degrees. All courses are delivered by the Graham Centre for the Study of Communication. There is no schedule for courses required in the Professional Communication Option but RCM 300.3 is a prerequisite and it is strongly recommended that RCM 400.3 and RCM 401.3 be taken before other RCM 400-level courses.

Course Information

From time to time, some courses may be offered in the Spring and Summer sessions.

There is no formal application or registration process for the Professional Communication Option. Students must notify the Engineering Student Centre of their intention by using the online form Students may register in RCM 400-level courses if they have credit for RCM 300.3 (or an acceptable equivalent). Availability of space in RCM 400-level courses is limited and early enrolment is encouraged. In some engineering programs, up to six credit units from the Professional Communication Option may be used to satisfy the complementary studies requirement of the CEAB within the B.E. degree but the remaining 12 credit units must be used only to satisfy the Professional Communication Option.

Program Requirements

Required Courses