Professional Communication Option

The Professional Communication Option (PCO) is an academic option which consists of six courses (18 credit units) that can be completed in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) degree program. All courses are delivered by the School of Professional Development within the College of Engineering.

There exists no prescribed schedule for required courses in the Professional Communication Option, however, RCM 300.3 (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for all RCM 400-level courses and it is strongly recommended that RCM 400.3 and RCM 401.3 be complete before other RCM 400-level courses. Availability of space in RCM 400-level courses is limited and early enrolment is encouraged. In some engineering programs, up to six credit units from the Professional Communication Option may be used to satisfy the complementary studies requirement of the CEAB within the B.E. degree but the remaining 12 credit units must be used only to satisfy the Professional Communication Option.

Please note that students can receive credit for only one of the Professional Communication Option or the Certificate in Professional Communication. Double-counting of courses toward both of these programs is not allowed.

Please note that registration in the Professional Communication Option has been suspended. Please contact the Engineering Student Centre via telephone (306-966-5274) or email ( to learn more or to enquire about the Certificate in Professional Communication.

Program Requirements

Required Courses