At the graduate level the College has supported two initiatives to develop graduate training in the biotechnology area. The College supported and assisted with the development of the new M.B.A. program, with a Biotechnology Management theme area. Through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program of the College of Graduate Studies and Research, there is a Biotechnology Concentration area for graduate students. The concentration in biotechnology provides graduate students with a cohort of faculty and student colleagues with which they can investigate an understanding of the multidisciplinary aspects of the issue of how transformative technologies (currently biotechnology) is shaping and being shaped by society.

Academic Regulations

Students must be admitted to and register in one of the regular colleges of the University and are governed by the admission requirements, deadlines, and academic regulations of the college in which they are registered.

Required courses include

  • GSR 960.0
  • GSR 961.0 if research involves human subjects
  • GSR 962.0 if research involves animals subjects