Exercise and Sport Studies

First year students must register in these required first year courses. Students considering the 5-year combined B.Sc.(Kin.)/B.Ed. program are required to select INDG 107.3 and 3 credit units in the social sciences or humanities as their social sciences/ humanities elective. Students interested in teaching at the elementary or middle years level, should not follow the combined program outline. Rather, they should complete the requirements for Physical Education Studies. Upon completion of the B.Sc.(Kin.) program, students are required to complete the Post-Academic program in the College of Education in order to obtain the B.Ed. degree and teacher certification.  Upper year students are encouraged to choose a study route in consultation with the Administrative Assistant, Academic. The Exercise and Sport Studies route allows for the greatest flexibility in course.

  1. Students interested in pursuing the Professional Health and Fitness stream should take the following courses: KIN 381.3, KIN 382.3 in Year 3. These courses must be completed in order to apply for the KIN 481.6 practicum in this area. See the Student Academic Advisor for more information.
  2. Students interested in pursuing the Leisure and Sport Administration stream and the KIN 471.6practicum must take 18 credit units in Entrepreneurship courses. The Edwards School of Business classes available are: ENT 210, 220, 230, 300, 310 and BPBE 230. See the Student Academic Advisor for more information
  3. KIN 498.3 and KIN 499.6 are the course numbers given to courses that are being piloted in the College of Kinesiology.  These courses can be used towards college electives within the College of Kinesiology in the Exercise and Sport Studies Route, the Exercise and Sport Studies Route (Honours), and the Physical Education Route.

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Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology [B.Sc.(Kin.)] - Exercise and Sport Studies

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Honours [B.Sc.(Kin.)] - Exercise and Sport Studies